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How to Plan Your Argumentative Research Paper

How to Plan Your Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative essays are written to express a particular opinion about an issue. They’re used to question a person’s validity, reasoning, facts, or any other aspect of his thought. Argumentative research papers outline topics for college students to research, compare and contrast. The essay topics should be thought-provoking, informative, and hopefully enjoyable to read. An argumentative essay has many different types of argument that can be raised in order to prove their point.

If you’re having difficulty finding topics to research, you can use the Internet, which is a rich source of topics for your argumentative essay. Take a few moments and browse through some of the resources available on the Internet. An argumentative essay is easier to write when it has a good structure laid out to it. This comes down to researching what you already know and weaving it together into a cohesive and readable argument. In this guide, you’ll find an outline for an argument that can be used for college students.


Outlines for your argumentative research paper should contain three main parts: an introduction, the main body of the argument, and a conclusion. Before you even begin to research your topic, determine which parts of your argumentative paper you will focus on. The introduction is the first part of your argumentative essay, and it should contain a thesis statement. Based on the topic you choose, determine how your thesis will fit into the rest of the essay.

After you’ve determined what the focus of your argument will be, your next step is to research potential argumentative essay topics. It’s important to choose topics based on what you already know. Students often choose topics that are interesting or relevant to them. It’s also important to choose topics that will help students learn more about the subject they are studying. Take time to think about the types of things you already know and then choose topics that you can use in your argument.


After you have chosen your topic for the argumentative essay, it’s time to write the body. If you choose paper writer in your argumentative essay while in high school, you can read up on previous works to gain insight into your topic. High school students also benefit from having a tutor to give them tips and advice on their argumentative essay. If you’re not in high school, there are plenty of books and websites with information available for college students. You can also do a search on the internet for topics that you may want to read up on.

After choosing your argumentative essay topics, you need to put together a structure to organize the information you are going to include in your argumentative essay. One good way to plan out the structure is to start with an outline. An outline is simply a list of things that you plan to cover in your paper. If you’re writing about a topic that you learned about in college or you’ve learned about through research, write a rough outline first so that you don’t get sidetracked.

In high school and college, many students have taken independent reading courses where they read argumentative essays. Taking such courses can help you develop a better understanding of how students analyze and evaluate different topics. Some university students also take such classes as a way of gaining additional perspective on topics they are studying.


To complete your argumentative essay outline, works through each of the topics one by one. Consider using a guide book for reference purposes, such as “How to Write a Good Argumentative essay.” You may also find guides online for topics that you are unsure of. Regardless, of how or where you learn it, always begin by planning your argument before you write the actual essay. This ensures that your writing service is properly planned.

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