National Beef Ambassador Program

Beef Ambassador State Chair Corner

Welcome State Chairs! Thank you for the valuable time you give to this program.  Should you have questions or need support, please call 303-850-3440 or email

Official Rules and Planning Resources

NBAP Official Rules (2014-2015)

State Chair Handbook

Note:  Official scorecards can be found on contestant preparation tips page.

The 2016 NBAP competition will be held September 25-26, 2015-location TBD

Required NBAP Reports

State Beef Ambassador Contest Report (to be completed after state contest by state chair)

Activity Report (to be completed by state beef ambassador after each consumer, retail or media event)

Education & Outreach:
Beef Advocacy Report  NEW! (complete form and then save as new name)


Sample State Beef Ambassador Program Brochures

Arkansas Beef Ambassador Brochure Sample

Texas Beef Leaders Brochure Sample

Tennessee Beef Ambassador Brochure Sample

Oklahoma Beef Ambassador Brochure Sample

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